Government of Canada commits to measures towards ending child and forced labour in corporate supply chains - 12 February 2019

Nestle, Hershey escape class action lawsuit over cocoa sources using child labor - 31 January 2019

400 workers in UAE get their dues after court intervenes - 18 January 2019


Will Nevsun Mining be Punished for Slavery Abroad? - 29 December 2018

Report highlights impunity of Australian companies linked to serious human rights violations overseas - 20 December 2018

Australia: The federal Modern Slavery Bill becomes Law - 3 December 2018

Class-action status granted in human trafficking case against nursing home staffing agency - 30 November 2018

N.Korean worker seeks Dutch shipbuilder's prosecution over labour abuses - 8 November 2018

Court of Appeals finds Nestle and Cargill can be liable under Alien Tort Statute for child slavery in Cote D'Ivoire - 23 October 2018

North Korea, Eritrea have world's highest rates of modern slavery: report - 19 July 2018 (see 2018 Global Slavery Index)

Indian women and girls most vulnerable in the world to human trafficking, says report - 26 June 2018

Modern Slavery law passed - 21 June 2018

Ninth Circuit Sides With Mars in Slave Labor Dispute - 4 June 2018 (see decision)

Supreme Court says corporations can’t be sued under centuries-old law for overseas human rights abuses - 24 April 2018 (see decision)

Australia aims to be global leader with strong anti-slavery law in 2018 - 17 April 2018

Court clears way for fishermen to claim against forfeited vessels - 2 March 2018

India approves 'historic' law to jail traffickers for life - 28 February 2018

Hagens Berman: Massachusetts Consumers Sue Nestle for Allegedly Using Child and Slave Labor to Make Chocolate - 12 February 2018

A new court program will help child sex trafficking victims find help and heal in Washington D.C. - 29 January 2018

Nevsun appeals to Canada Supreme Court in Eritreans' forced labor lawsuit - 27 January 2018

Cambodians to appeal US court's dismissal of Thai trafficking case - 11 January 2018

Samsung Targeted by French Lawsuit Amid Alleged Labor Abuse - 11 January 2018

Federal judge dismisses human trafficking lawsuit against US, Thai companies - 5 January 2018

Modern slavers who forced Vietnamese children to work in UK nail salons are jailed - 3 January 2018

Indonesian Fishermen Settle Labor-Trafficking Case - 3 January 2018 (see terms of settlement)


From data to laws, five gains in global anti-slavery fight in 2017 - Thomson Reuters 28 December 2017

Taking UK's lead, Commonwealth lawmakers set sights on modern slavery - Thomson Reuters 14 December 2017

Australia needs new watchdog to tackle slavery, parliamentary inquiry says - The Guardian 7 December 2017 (see report "Hidden in Plain Sight")

ANALYSIS-Lawmakers push for US ban on slave-made goods to sharpen its bite - Thomson Reuters Foundation 30 November 2017

'New era': Canadian mining industry closely watching three civil cases alleging human rights abuses - National Post 29 November 2017

Family members linked to nearly half of child trafficking cases, new UN-backed data reveals - UN News Centre 28 November 2017

France: Analysis of penalties imposed on companies in new 'duty of vigilance' law -- Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 22 November 2017

U.N. Security Council approves tougher action on human trafficking - Thomson Reuters Foundation 21 November 2017

Appeal court confirms slave labour lawsuit against Canadian mining company can go to trial - Canadian Centre for International Justice 21 November 2017

Tighter standards of conduct for supply chains - Financial Times 16 November 2017

UN Aims to End Forced Labor in the Supply Chain - MH&L News 25 October 2017

40 Thai berry pickers to testify in human trafficking trial in Finnish court - yle 19 October 2017

Criticised for overlooking slavery risks, L'Oreal keeps eye on mica, executive says- Thomson Reuter 5 October 2017

Australia’s ‘Modern Slavery’ Proposal Falls Short - Human Rights Watch 5 September 2017

UN Financial Sector Collaboration Seeks to Disrupt Over $150 Billion Human Trafficking Business - UN University 11 July 2017 (see report)

US to declare China among worst human trafficking offenders – officials - The Guardian 26 June 2017

How investors can help beat forced labour and slavery - Eco-Business 27 May 2017                

Human trafficking is in plain sight. Are you supporting it without knowing? - Forbes 24 April 2017

Banks can help fight against trafficking and slavery, says report - Financial Express 16 March 2017 (see report)

Lawsuits filed against website known for illegal prostitution and human trafficking - Legal Reader 13 February 2017

Human Traffickers face cash crunch after Western Union probe - Asia Times 7 February 2017

US Court dismissed suit over 'forced-labour' Thai shrimp - Bangkok Post 26 January 2017

DARPA program helps to fight human trafficking - U.S. Department of Defense News 4 January 2017

From DNA to laws to data, five key tools to combat trafficking in 2017 - Japan Today 2 January 2017



UNODC report on human trafficking exposes modern form of slavery - UNODC (see report)

Houston's SAFE Court Offers Victims of Human Trafficking a New Path - Center for Court Innovation 11 November 2016 (read more about SAFE Court here)

Global treaties provide blueprint to 'seal cracks' in legal regime on human trafficking - UN News Center 28 October 2016

Release of the first annual report from the United States Advisory Council on human trafficking - US Department of State 17 October 2016 (see report)

Lawsuit alleges human trafficking on American fishing boat: Sorihin v. Sea Queen II - LexisNexis 26 September 2016 (see complaint)

Hawaiian seafood caught by foreign crews confined on boats - AP 8 September 2016

First Graduate of Human Trafficking Court Celebrates Her Success - Michigan Law Newsroom 7 September 2016 (read about Washtenaw County Human Trafficking Court)

Protection of victims of human trafficking and the ECTHR's inadmissibility decision in G.J. v. Spain - European Database of Asylum Law 7 September 2016

United Kingdom: Cherie Blair and Miriam Gonzalez: why companies must act on slavery law - The Guardian 22 August 2016

Cambodians sue US and Thai firms over trafficking and forced labour claims - The Guardian 18 August 2016 (see complaint)

U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report: How Does Your Country Fare? - CNN 30 June 2016

US Seafood lawsuit: Cambodian villagers sue Thai & US Companies - Bangkok Post 13 June 2016

Court finds UK gangmaster liable for modern slavery victims - The Guardian 10 June 2016 (see Galdikas & Ors v DJ Houghton Catching Services Ltd & Ors)

Andrew Forrest puts world's richest countries on notice: Global Slavery Index - The Sydney Morning Herald 31 May 2016 (see the 2016 Global Slavery Index)

Bribery and Corruption: The Link to GLobal Slavery - GT News 11 May 2016

Alleged forced labour victim treated 'like family member' - BBC News 9 May 2016

Understanding Illicit Trade: Impact of human trafficking and smuggling on the private sector - The Global Initiative 6 May 2016 (see report)

Boys aged eight among known potential victims of forced marriage in UK - The Guardian 20 April 2016

'Prison was holiday camp compared to forced labour', court hears - BBC 20 April 2016

Only 5% of Australian fashion firms know origin of raw materials, says report - The Guardian 20 April 2016 (see the 2016 Australian Fashion Report)

US State Department releases grim report on world human rights practices - The Jurist 14 April 2016 (see Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2015)

New Tools Benchmark Corporate Efforts to Eliminate Modern Slavery - Sustainable Brands 25 March 2016

Sedex tackles forced labour with new guidance - Sedex Associate Auditor Group 22 March 2016 (see Guidance on Operational Practice & Indicators for Forced Labour)

Economic freedom essential to fighting human trafficking - The Daily Signal 15 March 2016

Bali Process to draft emergency response mechanism for people smuggling, trafficking - The Jakarta Post 11 March 2016

With new law, U.S. takes on slavery by banning forced labor imports - Reuters 24 February 2016

Amnesty: worldwide human rights 'in danger of unraveling' - The Jurist 24 February 2016 (see Annual Report 2015/2016)

United Kingdom joins renewed fight to end forced labour - ILO News 22 January 2016

Costco Slave Labor Suit Dismissed - Findlaw 21 January 2016 

New multi-year initiative launched to set up global response to trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants - UNODC News 21 January 2016

Companies don't fight forced labour - Independent Online 14 January 2016

Modern-day slaves are suing the traffickers - CNN 8 January 2016





Regional (emphasis on Hong Kong and Thailand)


Open Letter: New Lawsuits Brought by Thammakaset Company Limited Against Human Rights Defenders - 14 February 2019

Thailand-Myanmar anti-human trafficking deal endorsed - 13 February 2019

Thai top court orders compensation for Myanmar workers in landmark case - 15 January 2019


NHS rubber gloves made in Malaysian factories accused of forced labour - 9 December 2018

201 migrant workers receiving unpaid wage and severance pay amounting to 9,991,960 baht, after enter to the process of labor protection mechanism provided for in the Labor Protection Act 1998 - 7 December 2018

Thailand: Judicial harassment of Ms. Sutharee Wannasiri and Mr. Nan Win - 27 November 2018

Migrant fishermen treated like modern slaves, court hears - 22 November 2018

Two former military officers jailed 27 years for Rohingya trafficking - 18 October 2018

Mae Sot Provincial Court sentencing two defendants to 12 years in jail in a human trafficking case - 25 September 2018

Thailand's Forced labour bill 'lacks clarity' - 20 September 2018

115 migrant workers receiving 8 million baht as compensation after meditation by the Labor Court Region 6 - 13 September 2018

Myanmar migrant workers pleading Pattani Provincial Court to conduct emergency hearing on unlawful arrest and detention - 23 August 2018

Thai Chicken Farm Thammakaset Goes After Abused Migrant Workers Yet Again - 13 August 2018

Court of Appeal calls on Hong Kong government to do more to investigate forced labour - 3 August 2018

Thai court dismisses charges against Myanmar workers in landmark case - 11 July 2018

Japanese fishing company ordered to pay more than $179,000 for worker 'exploitation' - 10 July 2018

Thailand Appeals Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases Dismisses Andy Hall’s Counter Prosecutions Against State Officials - 2 July 2018

Clampdown on slavery in new-look bill - 6 June 2018

Thailand cuts number of berry pickers to Finland - after last year's human trafficking scandal - 27 May 2018

Thailand ratifies Forced Labour Convention protocol - 26 May 2018

Hong Kong under no obligation to introduce specific criminal legislation against forced labour, David Pannick QC, defending government, tells High Court - 9 May 2018

Thai businesses must act to curb abuses at home and abroad - U.N. - 4 April 2018

Cambodian Farmers Sue Thai Sugar Group Mitr Phol Over Alleged Land Grab - 2 April 2018

Malaysia launched special court for human trafficking - 28 March 2018

Court orders British activist to pay compensation to Thai firm - 26 March 2018

Hong Kong’s new human trafficking action plan – a rhetorical manoeuvre or reason for hope? - 22 March 2018

The Labor Court Region 7 accepting to review case filed by descendant of migrant fishing worker who has lost his life from work-related injury - 19 March 2018

Supreme Court decision on human trafficking case in Rohingya between public prosecutor as plaintiff and Mr.Anas Hayeemasae, former member of Satun Provincial Administration Organization as defendant (supreme court case no.8419/2560) - HRDF Press Release 9 March 2018

Challenge to Hong Kong's Live-in Domestic Worker Rule Fails - 14 February 2018

Defamation trial for Myanmar workers over chicken farm abuse - 7 February 2018

Criminal defamation trial against 14 migrant workers who reported abuse begins in Thailand - 6 February 2018

6 trafficking convicts lose court appeal - 31 January 2018

Hong Kong set to jail 'dishonest' maid recruiters in slavery fight - 30 January 2018

Thailand: Forced Labor, Trafficking Persist in Fishing Fleets. Reforms fall short of addressing EU, US concerns - 23 January 2018 (see report)

DSI follows the money in Victoria's case to track down more suspects - 23 January 2018

Malaysia: Special court to deal with human-trafficking cases soon - 13 January 2018

DSI issues report card on human trafficking - 1 January 2018


New wave of Cambodian domestic helpers 'know risks' that come with working in Hong Kong - SCMP 28 December 2017

Tortured helper Erwiana wins HK$809,430 civil claim against abusive Hong Kong employer - SCMP 21 December 2017

Thai court throws out case of trafficked men - The Phnom Penh Post 19 December 2017

How Hong Kong failed Madagascar’s domestic helpers - SCMP 17 December 2017

'Ying Kai' cleared of one human trafficking charge - Bangkok Post 1 December 2017

Poverty Wages, Toxic Conditions on Palm Oil Plantations Linked to PepsiCo, Nestlé - International Labor Rights Forum 27 November 2017 (see report)

High Court victory sets precedent for migrant workers' rights - The Online Citizen 21 November 2017

ASEAN leaders sign commitment protecting migrant workers - Rappler 14 November 2017

Domestic helpers in Hong Kong promised flexible arrangements after Philippine government crackdown - SCMP 13 November 2017

Thai footwear-maker to sign MoU with Myanmar workers - Myanmar Times 31 October 2017

ASEAN can benefit from lower barriers to labour migration: World Bank report - Straits Times 9 October 2017

Domestic worker challenges live-in rule in landmark case - Macau Daily Times 5 October 2017

Myanmar workers fight defamation charges in Thai chicken farm case - Thomson Reuters 4 October 2017

Rule requiring domestic workers to live with employers faces legal challenge - Hong Kong Free Press 3 October 2017

Supreme Court final ruling favours Bt1.7 million in rights compensation to Myanmar workers - The Nations 14 September 2017

NGOs and legal professionals demand anti-human trafficking legislation in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Free Press 2 August 2017

Petitioners urge legislation to outlaw human-trafficking in Hong Kong - South China Morning Post 30 July 2017

Thai general, provincial politicians found guilty in trafficking trial - Reuters 19 July 2017

Special Report No 9: EU support to fight human trafficking in South/South-East Asia - European Court of Auditors 20 June 2017

Legal weapons in the war on slavery and child abuse - Financial Times 2 June 2017

Slave husbands of Hong Kong: the men who marry into servitude - South China Morning Post 22 May 2017

Why Hong Kong’s plan for Cambodian maids may be hard work all round - South China Morning Post 29 April 2017

8 charged under Singapore's human trafficking laws since 2015 - Channel NewsAsia 16 April 2017

Thai human traffickers jailed - The Maritime Executive 21 March 2017

Rohingya trafficking verdict set - Bangkok Post 26 February 2017

Hong Kong human trafficking case leads to landmark court ruling - CNN 22 February 2017

PH ratifies convention vs human trafficking - The Manila Times 13 February 2017

North Korea: End rampant forced child labor - Human Rights Watch 13 February 2017

Thai efforts at tackling human trafficking getting better - The Nation 6 February 2017

How Hong Kong contributes to China's human rights law - South China Morning Post 23 January 2017

The courts and the UN have spoken, now Hong Kong must act to end human slavery - Hong Kong Free Press 18 January 2017

Hong Kong employment agencies risk losing their licence if they don’t follow new code of practice - South China Morning Post 13 January 2017



Human trafficking victim wins case against Hong Kong authorities - South China Morning Post 28 December 2016 (see ZN v Secretary for Justice and Others)

Judge criticises Hong Kong's human trafficking regime after officials ignored forced labour victim - South China Morning Post 24 December 2016

Thai court rejects defamation case brought by fruit company against labour activist Andy Hall - South China Morning Post 3 November 2016

Finance, wealth and ... slavery? Hong Kong one of Asia's worst for forced labour - South China Morning Post 29 October 2016

British activist found guilty in Thailand over report alleging labour abuses - The Guardian 20 September 2016

Thai kingpin jailed for 35 years for Rohingya human-trafficking - South China Morning Post 1 September 2016

Press Releases: Thailand Ratifies the ASEAN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (ACTIP) - Minister of Foreign Affairs 24 July 2016

Response to US Trafficking in Persons Report - Press Releases by Hong Kong Government 30 June 2016

Underage girls, rape...and handbags: inside the murky world of Hong Kong's compensated dating scene - 30 June 2016

Thai food giant drops chicken farm over labour abuses - Global Post 29 June 2016 

Woman arrested for human-trafficking - Bangkok Post 19 June 2016

Two women arrested for human trafficking - Bangkok Post 5 June 2016

Hong Kong government spokesman rejects findings of modern slavery report - South China Morning Post 31 May 2016

Hong Kong ranks alongside North Korea and Iran as one of worst places in world at dealing with modern slavery - South China Morning Post 31 May 2016

India unveils first-ever comprehensive draft law on human trafficking - The Siasat Daily 31 May 2016

H&M suppliers guilty of labour rights abuses, report alleges - The Phnom Penh Post 23 May 2016

Asia must act now to end modern slavery - The Straits Times 20 May 2016

Ex-domestic helper Xyza Bacani on her Hong Kong photo show about human trafficking - South China Morning Post 18 May 2016

Thai Court to Hear Human Trafficking Case - The Maritime Executive 9 May 2016

NK farming out forced labour to the European Union - Daily Times 2 May 2016

Hong Kong government issues draft code of conduct for domestic helper agencies - South China Morning Post 20 April 2016

People-smuggling gang busted - The Standard 21 March 2016

4 things to know about Thailand's trial of 92 alleged human traffickers - Time 18 March 2016

Helper Rights Group Tells of Human Trafficking by Agencies - The Standard 16 March 2016

Thailand begins major human trafficking trial - abc news 15 March 2016

Forced labour common among HOng Kong's domestic helpers, study finds - The Guardian 14 March 2016

New national approach to tackle human trafficking in Singapore - The Straits Times 10 March 2016

Hong Kong’s human-trafficking problem is focus at conference - South China Morning Post 5 March 2016

US law targeting goods linked to forced labour 'good for Thailand' - The Nation 27 February 2016

Rights groups want EU fishing 'yellow card' extended - Bangkok Post 26 February 2016

NLA accepts Human Trafficking Criminal Procedure Act - NNT 30 January 2016

Cambodia, Singapore Deposit Instrument of Ratification of the ASEAN Convention against Trafficking in Persons - ASEAN news 25 January 2016

South Asian was not victim of forced labour, Hong Kong Court told - South China Morning Post 14 January 2016

Landmark case to test human trafficking laws in Hong Kong - Channel Newsasia 12 January 2016

Man 'trafficked, abused' by Hong Kong employer - The Rakyat Post 12 January 2016

Spotting slavery: why Hong Kong banks are looking for Q rather than James Bond - South China Morning Post 10 January 2016